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Advertising industry
1. Commonly used processing materials
Materials commonly used in the advertising industry include two-color board, organic board (acrylic), artificial stone, PVC board, wood, MDF, ABS and other materials.

2. What can mini CNC router do in the advertising industry
The mini CNC engraving machine can be used to make badges, modeling, steel molds, carved seals, furniture carvings, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signboards, sign making, prototyping, punching, printing molds, cutting of advertising characters, production of carved advertising light boxes, etc.

The small CNC machine can also be used for engraving various types of two-color plate signs, stone doorplates, three-dimensional notice boards, decorative gifts, light box pieces, two-color human statues, embossed medals, recessed light houses, organic plate reliefs, three-dimensional door heads, etc

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